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New Website for Bookcase for Every Child

With four of every 10 students in American schools dropping out before they graduate and millions of young children getting hooked on cell-phones, texting and video games, before they learn to read and develop a passion for reading, our nation is in grave danger of dropping further behind in the battle to improve literacy.

It is well within our power to change this. Millions of volunteers all across our nation can get involved in a unique literacy project called “A Bookcase for Every Child.” The details of this project can be found on our new website at http://www.bookcaseforeverychild.com. See what Phyliss Fry, Executive Director, at the Community Action Program in Central Arkansas, had to say about the new website:
Dear Jim,
WOW is the first word that came to mind when I was looking at the new website.  I do believe that many hours did indeed go into designing it.  Thank you and Luis so much for all of the energy and effort that went into the design.  It is very professional as well as informative.  The pictures are wonderful.  There is absolutely no reason any other community could not replicate this project.  Thanks for the work you do on behalf of the children, families and community.


On behalf of the Conway Bookcase Project Committee, I would like to invite you and all my fellow citizens to get involved. As you will see from reading the website, the key to success in each community is to select key people to be on the central committee. 
Every community in our nation of any size has all the resources needed to develop a successful project. Do you know people like these who can make a contribution?
1. Retired or semi-retired executive who can lead a successful project.
2. Head Start Director
3. City, county or college librarian
4. Retired member of the state legislature   
5. Newspaper Publisher
6. Retired reading teacher
7. Civic minded citizen who has a pick-up truck
8. Pastor whose congregation will allow your craftsmen to build the bookcases in their facilities.
9. A good master craftsman
10. One member of the from the Rotary Club
11. One member from the Kiwanis Club
12. One member from the Lions Club
13. One member from other civic/service club or organization
14. A leader from the business community
15. A banker who can serve as your treasurer
It does not take much to get personally involved and make a difference and here is what I would like to ask you to do. If you know people in your community who fit the description of those listed here, just send the web address to them with a simple question, “Do you believe this project would be helpful to children in low-income families here in our community?" Cream always rises to the top!!
Thank you so very much.
Jim Davidson
Syndicated Columnist & Founder Bookcase for Every Child
P.S. Would you send this to your family, friends and associates in other states and communities?


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