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Families and Children Together, Inc.-February 2013


We are refining our agency in several areas this year!factchildren

First, we are piloting a new curriculum that teaches preschoolers the sounds of letters and how to combine them. We expect that many will actually begin reading before the year is out. In fact, we had a few reading simple words before Christmas. We are quite excited about this.

Second, we are starting a new system of “inkind” where parents enter their own contributions, and this “electronic” system should save us lots of work hours. Also, we have switched our database to ChildPlus and we are working hard to become familiar with it.

We are working to be the best we can be! Our teachers are now evaluated by CLASS twice a year and offered training in areas where scores are low. Additionally, every teacher submits at least one topic they need training on and they receive this individualized training sometime during the year. Each center is also evaluated by ECERS and ITERS annually. The children are evaluated using Work Sampling three times per year. After each period, staff at all levels study the scores, look for target areas, and modify their lessons as needed. School Readiness is our driving force!



Finally, we are happy to tell everyone that we had the National Head Start Teacher of the year for 2012! Mrs. Emma Webster was recognized at the 2012 National Head Start Convention in Nashville for her outstanding work.

She is an excellent teacher who started out as a classroom volunteer. She is enthusiastic, creative, loving, and dedicated. It is just fun to watch her in action.