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School Readiness in Arkansas

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School Readiness Summit

The School Readiness summit provides opportunities for networking, learning, and providing support to teams. The summit focuses on data systems, transition, family engagement, social-emotional, and school readiness.

The 2018 School Readiness Summit will be held in November. The location will be announced at a later time. Thanks to the WK Kellogg Foundation for their financial and on-going support. Funding will be provided for resources to support local teams.

Each team consists of a School Principal, Pre-K Director, Head Start Representative, Kindergarten Teacher, ABC Teacher, Pre-K Teacher, HIPPY Representative, Special Education Representative, Infant/Toddler Representative, Child Care (CCDF) Representative, and a Parent.

We plan to engage participants with five to six exhibitors, whereby, they will be able to discuss topics that relate to data systems, transition, family engagement, social-emotional, and school readiness.

Registration will be open soon and the fee is $15 per person or $100 per team. Participants will receive six hours credit from the Professional Development Registry and if you are in the public school your hours will go through the Arkansas Department of Education. The deadline to register is September 28, 2018.

The following attachments are provided for your program enhancement and creating quality systems. Please feel free to utilize these examples that have been presented by our school readiness teams.

  1. transition-plan-example.pdf
  2. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Wild Bearhounds.pdf
  3. transitionplan1-1.pdf
  4. transitionplan1-2.pdf
  5. transition-plan-template.doc
  6. SR Teams Work Groups on Outcomes.pdf
  7. CSR Team Plan Year 1-SEARK.pdf
  8. schoolreadinessflyer1115.pdf
  9. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Delta Connectors.pdf
  10. CSR Team Plan Year 1-A Team.pdf
  11. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Transition Tribe.pdf
  12. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Spa City Educators.pdf
  13. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Coolaborations.pdf
  14. CSR Team Plan Year 1-NEAT Team.pdf
  15. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Purple Pride.pdf
  16. CSR Team Plan Year 1-Southern Cavemen.pdf
  17. CSR Team Plan Year 1-TOP's TEAM.pdf