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Arkansas Comprehensive Early Childhood Education/Assessment Model (ARCECEAM)

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Task Force: Arkansas Comprehensive Early Childhood Education/Assessment Model (ARCECEAM)

Purpose: To build a quality early childhood education and assessment system, whereby, all early childhood children would be assessed using the same performance assessment in order to monitor, measure, and track the progress of all children birth to eight.

Outcome: To review, share, examine, and analyze assessment data on young children in order to support and improve students' academic performance and prepare them for the public school, later learning, and other future successes.

Update: (July 1, 2013)
The ARCECEAM Task Force submitted to the AECC/SAC on July 16, 2013, the Teaching Strategies Gold's assessment concepts. The AECC approved these concepts to be considered in the selection of the state-wide early childhood assessment.

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Contact Person: Jacqualine Dedman, HSSCO Director