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What is the Family Map?

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The training will consist of interviewing, the areas of the Family Map, and how to effectively administer the Family Map Inventories.

The Family Map Inventories are interviews conducted by early childhood practitioners. They are used to assess the risks and protective factors of a family and home environment associated with healthy child development.

The Family Map Inventories provide a format to discuss these critical areas and help educators identify and document services needed. They are available in three versions: prenatal, birth to three years, and three to five years. The areas covered in the Family Map Inventories include:

  • Self Support

  • Routines

  • School Readiness/Early Learning

  • Monitoring

  • Environmental Safety

  • Family Cohesion

  • Discipline

  • Home and Car Safety

  • Basic Needs

  • Social Integration

  • Parent-Child Warmth

  • Health

If you would like more information on the Family Map, please contact Callie Slade, LMSW, at (501) 686-6585, or visit the website at thefamilymap.org