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Early Learning Development Standards/Kindergarten Entry Assessment

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The Head Start State Collaboration Office received a grant from the Kellogg Foundation to revise and create a seamless set of standards from pre-natal to age five. These standards will be reviewed, redirected, and discussed by a team of early childhood professionals and national experts. The team has already developed a set of guiding principles, areas of development, and domain elements.

The team met on a monthly basis and via conference calls. Time frames and locations were established for town meetings. The standards were approved in April 2016.

Once completed, the team will move to work to revise the existing Kindergarten Entry Assessment. Arkansas is currently using the Qualls Early Learning Inventory (QUELI). The team will research and pilot an appropriate inventory to use at Kindergarten entry. The KES Committee has completed its recommendations to go into the State's RFP for the Kindergarten Entry Screener. The next steps will be to complete the RFP and send through promulgation.

Final copies of the Child Development and Early Learning Standards are included below.

Plans for training on the new standards are underway.

  1. Ark_Early_Learning_Standards (19) (2).pdf
  2. CDELS.Spanish Version.pdf