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Acts of Kindness

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Congratulations to Ms. Brianna Green from Strong, AR

Talk about acts of kindness…. The Golden Collision Center recognized and awarded a 2006 Chevy Malibu car to one of Arkansas’ Early Head Start (EHS) parents. The Golden Collision Center selected EHS/Head Start programs in the state to conduct a car giveaway! The selection process was a tough one; however, their selection went to Ms. Brianna Green from Strong, Arkansas, who is a parent in the FACT, Inc. EHS/Head Start program in El Dorado, Arkansas. Brianna is a single mom enrolled in college and working part time to support herself and her young son, Adrian. Brianna’s had to write an essay to describe how a car would benefit her in achieving her lifelong goals. Her essay was selected from among several essays from all across the state. The Golden Collision Center staff presented Brianna and her family with a delicious luncheon, gifts for her son, and the lovely car.
The idea to support an EHS/Head Start program was definitely a step in the right direction! Especially since transportation is one of the largest problems we have in Arkansas for assisting families in early childhood programs. Brianna is already doing great things to improve the lives of her son and herself! By accepting the car, Brianna‘s world will be positively changed and things will be much better for her and her son! What was hindering her in her strides to succeed has come to reality and will assist her in reaching her goals in life!

Special thanks to Larry, Debbie, and all of the staff at the Golden Collision Center here in Little Rock, Arkansas. We appreciate your tremendous acts of kindness!
Jackie Dedman Reporting

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Great News! Congratulations to Brianna....

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This is an awesome gift for Brianna, a young parent who is doing all she can to meet challenges in her life so that she and her son will benefit in the long run. Thanks goes to the donor of the car, what a great gift!!
Darlene Kurtz

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Love this photo! For those that do not know, Paige is Virginia Atkison’s daughter and a new policy council community representative for our Head Start/EHS program. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a second grade teacher at Corning and an outstanding community volunteer. Please keep her in your prayers! Thanks to the girls at Corning for showing her your support! Her momma would be proud.

Rhonda Ahrent