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Traveling Arkansas' Professional Pathways

Working with children provides an opportunity to shape the lives of future leaders in our community, nation, and the world. The evidence from numerous research studies makes it abundantly clear that high quality early childhood and afterschool programs is linked to the quality of staff and their levels of formal education and specialized training pertaining to the age group and type of program that they work in. In Arkansas, the importance of this factor has not gone unrecognized and significant resources have been invested in the establishment of the Traveling Arkansas’ Professional Pathways (TAPP) system. TAPP is the flagship professional development system for professionals who care for and educate children, youth, and families in Arkansas.

Formerly known as the Arkansas Early Childhood Professional Development System (AECPDS), TAPP is a coordinated system based upon research and best practices that ensures the delivery of high quality professional development opportunities as a part of the development of career pathways that meet the diverse needs of the professionals that the system serves. One of the main components of the TAPP system is the TAPP Registry. The TAPP Registry is the tracking component of the TAPP system and it serves both trainers and practitioner in the fields of early childhood education and school age care.


By filling out an application, individuals will be assigned a number that will be used to track the registered trainings that they have attended. Each member is also assigned a level according to the education and training he or she has received. Members can move forward to reach professional career goals and can use the Spectrum to guide which training is best suited to fit his or her needs. Becoming a member of the TAPP Registry is a key requirement in the upcoming Arkansas Quality Rating System. At the initial level, both administrators and teaching staff are required to become members and in subsequent levels maintain their membership by fulfilling Registry membership requirements. Current requirements include attending 15 hours annually of registered training by the TAPP Registry or training that has been approved by the Arkansas Department of Education.


Registry members have access to their on-line training transcript that lists the various registered trainings that they have attended. In the near future, changes to the transcript will be made to also show the completion of applicable certificates, endorsements, credentials, college coursework, and degrees. The Registry website http://professionalregistry.astate.edu also provides “one-stop” shopping for many of the member’s ongoing professional development needs. By visiting the “Training Opportunities” section of the TAPP Registry website, members can search for trainings based on topic, date, location, etc. Information about registered on-line training opportunities as well as conferences is also available


There is no better time than now to become a member of the TAPP Registry. In doing so, you will join with other professionals who have documented their training, experience, and education and have received recognition for their professional achievements. If you have any additional questions, TAPP Registry staff can be reached via e-mail at: , via phone at (888) 429-1585, or via fax at (870) 972-3556. Thank you for your continued commitment to the children, youth, and families of Arkansas. Consider allowing the TAPP Registry to be a part of your professional development journey!


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